Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin

In November of 2009, The New York Jewish Week published a front-page article on our rabbi, reporting on her installation as the first female pulpit rabbi in the borough of Queens.

Ordained in 2005 at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Robyn Fryer Bodzin has devoted her life to Jewish learning and growth. As a child and young adult she was active in Zionist and Conservative/Masorti activities in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. This led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Religion from York University, followed by an MSW focusing on community organizing, as well as a Certificate in Jewish Communal Service from Yeshiva University.

In addition to being a frequent presence in our Ohr Chadash religious school, Rabbi Fryer Bodzin teaches adults at ICCJ multiple times each week. See “Rabbi’s Classes” page for details. New for this year is a Thursday lunch and learn called Sexy Shades of Talmud. Her students asked for it, and she is delivering.

Rabbi Fryer Bodzin has helped ICCJ enter the twenty-first century. Thanks to our rabbi, you can be a fan of ICCJ on Facebook. Rabbi Fryer Bodzin updates the Facebook fan page numerous times each week, with programmatic updates, news and relevant articles. Our rabbi maintains our synagogue presence in the Twitterverse, sharing thoughts as @ICCJ_Queens. In addition, our rabbi is part of the team that contributes to our new website.

Since coming to ICCJ, our rabbi has been featured on two of The Jewish Channel’s television programs, The Salon and Rabbis Roundtable, where pulpit rabbis of different denominations engage in open discussion and debate about the issues facing the entire Jewish community.

Our rabbi has had numerous thought pieces published in Sh’ma,,, the Canadian Jewish News, the Huffington Post, The Times of Israel, Macaroni Kid and the Jewish Week. Please click here access to her articles available on this website.

Our rabbi sits on the Executive Council of the Rabbinical Assembly, the Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative rabbis.

Rabbi Fryer Bodzin is honored and privileged to be Rabbis Without Borders Fellow. Members in this network seek to share Torah in pluralistic, innovative ways grounded by a sense of service to all.

In January 2013, Rabbi Fryer Bodzin represented New York City at the White House, meeting with representatives of the President’s Office and Vice President’s Office about gun control and gun violence prevention.

Following that experience, our rabbi was published in Peace in Our Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence.

Currently, Rabbi Fryer Bodzin is the national co-chair of Rabbis Against Gun Violence.


In 2016, Rabbi Fryer Bodzin began working as one of the mashgiachs at Ben's Deli in Bayside at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center. When she is on shift, our rabbi puts on a white coat with Rabbi embroidered on it, and checks every invoice and every product for kosher certification. She would love to take you to lunch at Ben's. Give her a call.


It is no secret that our rabbi enjoys handing out candy to children on Shabbat morning, following services.

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin is happily married to her best friend, Aaron Bodzin. In 2015, their daughter joined the ICCJ family.

The little one can often be found running around ICCJ, usually with an Elmo in hand.

You can follow Rabbi Fryer Bodzin on Twitter @shrobyn