There are many ways in which members may support ICCJ. They include

• Donations to Funds
• Yizkor Pledges
• Patron Membership
• Sisterhood Gift Shop

Donations to Funds

The following funds are available to give you the opportunity to support our synagogue and to acknowledge both joyous and sad occasions. For a minimum donation of $5.00 a personalized card will be sent to the person or family you specify. Your contribution will also be listed in the Newsletter, if you so choose. When donating to the Abraham & Yetta Paletz Memorial Youth Fund, the Henri Gros Outreach Fund, the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund and the Ben H. Kuyler Fund for Outreach in Adult Jewish Education, make checks payable to the specific fund. For all other funds, checks should be made payable to ICCJ.

Abraham & Yetta Paletz Memorial Youth Fund - Contributions are used to directly benefit the youth of ICCJ.

Education Fund - Contributions are used to support the speakers and seminars for congregational enrichment.

Bella and Harry Richter Memorial Library Fund - Contributions are used to purchase books and other print or electronic media for the synagogue library.

Henri Gros Outreach Fund - “Outreach” is defined as “touching or extending with an outstretched hand.” The Henri Gros Outreach Fund, begun in 1995, reflects Henri’s raison d’etre — to reach out to people The fund helps to service our fellow congregants in times of joy, need, and sorrow. The parents of a newborn receives a mezuzah to be placed on hers or his doorpost; A bat/bar mitzvah receives a chumash to treasure for a lifetime. Someone who is discharged from a stay in the hospital need not worry about preparing the first shabbat dinner at home. For mourners, Shabbat dinner during the shiva period is provided.

ICCJ Synagogue Fund - Contributions are used to assist with all synagogue financial needs.
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund - This fund allows our Rabbi to contribute to institutions or give to individuals in need.

Ritual Fund - Contributions are used to purchase and maintain prayer books and other religious material for the synagogue.

Youth Fund - Contributions are used to support our youth programs.

Yizkor Pledges
The text below is reproduced from the speech by ICCJ President David Hasson at the Yizkor Service, Yom Kippur 5775

Good day everyone.

We are here together at this moment during our Yom Kippur Yizkor Service to remember some of the very important traditions that we have as Jews. As the rabbi pointed out last night , one of the many great traditions we have is HOPE. As was so beautifully pointed out in the story she told, a tree was planted so that generations to come would enjoy it. There was hope for the future. But let’s remember that the tree, like any other tree to be enjoyed for generations, needed to take root. And what it needed to take root, like any tree, was nourishment. And once the tree took root, like any tree, constant nourishment had to be given, so that the tree would continue to be there to be enjoyed. (Click here for more). 

Patron Membership
Sisterhood Gift Shop
Sisterhood plays an important role in raising funds for ICCJ. Please click here to see the Sisterhood page.

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