Kashrut is the body of Jewish law dealing with what foods we can and cannot eat and how those foods must be prepared and eaten. "Kashrut" comes from the Hebrew root Kaf-Shin-Reish, meaning fit, proper or correct. It is the same root as the more commonly known word "kosher," which describes food that meets these standards. Please click here for a complete explanation of ICCJ’s kashrut policy.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training

In order to help you, the Israel Center of Conservative Judaism has compiled a handbook to answer many of the questions you may have regarding certain policies and procedures. A timeline of events has been included at the end of the handbook to assist you in understanding the requirements and activities involved in Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah committee at the synagogue or our rabbi. Please click here to access the handbook.

End of Life

In the event of a death, please notify the rabbi by calling her at her office (718-591-5610) or by calling the synagogue office (718-591-5353, ext. 11)

For funeral arrangements, you may call Sinai Chapels at 888-219-6897. ICCJ has a close working relationship with Sinai Chapels. Throughout the funeral home, there are private rooms for families to gather and several attractive lounge areas. Two chapels serve gatherings of any size, from fewer than 25 people to 500 or more. If you have any questions or wish to make pre-arrangements, please call us for a personal appointment. You are also welcome to visit us at any time.

Cemetery Graves Available

ICCJ has graves for purchase available in the following three cemeteries:
(for members of ICCJ only)
New Montefiore Cemetery, Farmingdale, L.I.
Old Montefiore Cemetery, Springfield Gardens, N.Y.
Wellwood Cemetery, Farmingdale, L.I.

Please call the office for information.