Sisterhood is an integral arm of Israel Center of Conservative Judaism, comprised of women who epitomize the voice and strength of the modern Jewish woman. Sisterhood provides a venue through which the creativity, talent, and leadership capabilities of our women can realize their full potential.

Through our programs, which benefit the synagogue and serve the community at large, bonds of camaraderie are formed which instill long-lasting friendships. Those relationships enable our members to grow and flourish in a warm Jewish atmosphere of belonging and caring.

Sisterhood provides outreach services for individuals, families, and the congregation as a whole, as well as assistance to the community, as needed.

Working in conjunction with various committees of the synagogue, such as Fundraising, Programming, Social Action, and Religious Affairs, Sisterhood assists in maximizing the success of all projects and events.

First year Sisterhood membership is free to all new female synagogue members

Officers and Board (2018/19)

Co-Presidents: Hannah Feldman, Shari Zuber

Vice Presidents:
Fundraising -- Cathie Sturm
Membership -- Rayna Becker, Linda Korobelnik
Cultural -- Judy Mermelstein
Religious Affairs -- Michelle Fouks

Treasurer -- Joan Sauber Financial

Secretary -- Laura Silverberg

Recording Secretary -- Faye Rutcofsky

Social Secretary -- Judith Cohen

Corresponding Secretary -- Aileen Grill Chairperson

Torah Fund -- Idan Corsentino

Torah Fund

What is Torah Fund?

Torah Fund is an arm of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.

Your contribution to Torah Fund helps by strengthening and perpetuating Conservative Judaism throughout the world. It supports our rabbis, cantors, educators, synagogue administrators, social workers, scholars, researchers, etc.

The Torah Fund Campaign for 5779


Atid means “future” in Hebrew. As Women’s League for Conservative Judaism enters its second century, Torah Fund begins its 77th year, and the State of Israel enters its 71st year. We look forward with joy to our future together with you, our Sisterhood members and supporters of Torah Fund. When the classical rabbinic texts speak of the future using the word atid, it usually appears in the phrase “le’atid lavo,” which means “in the future to come.” By this, they mean either the day when the Messiah will come, or olam haba, the afterlife. Israelis, referring to this life, are known to say with optimism, “Yesh atid,” which means “there is a future!”

Help us to continue to strengthen Conservative/Masorti Judaism throughout the world, and enhance the Jewish community by recognizing and appreciating our diverse families and by making your personal contribution. Pins are available now.

If you wish to make a $180 donation, contact Idan (718-631-1959) for the Torah Fund pin.

Torah Fund Cards

Torah Fund Cards are available for all occasions. The price of a card is $4.00 ($4.50 if Sisterhood mails the card).

Call Aileen (917-514-7356) or Cynthia (718-217-0674) to purchase a card.

Please click here to see the complete card catalog.

Sisterhood Gift Shop

Are you seeking a special something for yourself, family or friends?

Check out the new and expanded Sisterhood Gift Shop with its wonderful assortment of merchandise for people of all ages at reasonable prices. Remember, every purchase helps to support our synagogue.

• Jewelry (Helena or Mady)
• Handbags (Lisa Woliner)
• Judaica (Doris Feld)
• Torah Fund cards and pins (Idan Corsentino)