At it's semi-annual meeting on Nov. 27th, the ICCJ congregation approved several changes to our constitution. The amendments created the possibility of co-presidents, set term limits for officers, added Men's Club to the list of auxillary organizations, created the Ohr Chadash committee to act as liaison to the religious school and made updating adjustments in the operation of a few existing committees.

A full copy of the amended constitution can be read by pressing on this link.


Moshe Saks, Rabbi

Shiya Ribowsky, Cantor

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President: Marilyn Kaufman

Executive Vice President:
David Schwartz

Vice Presidents:
Sol Sturm, Adrienne Simons

Treasurer: Alan Aaronson

Financial Secretary:
Irma Goldman

Corresponding Secretary:
Arlene Ratzabi


Helena Shayer, Office Manager

Mady O’Brien, Bookkeeper

Willie Cooper, Custodian


Note: To send an email to a trustee, please address it to and put the trustee’s name in the subject box.

Trustees are elected for terms varying from one to three years.

Susan Alvarado
Limor Brantz
Scott Cohen
Barbara Feinberg
Mark Freilich
Paul Gorel
Nina Greebler
Irene Meyerowitz
Hannah Feldman
Mel Kaufman
Linda Korobelnik
Susan Losow
Robert Losow
Ed Martin
Barbara Miller
Mark Plaut
Chuck Shaffer
Clarissa Weiss
Sam Weiss
Naomi Wolfgang
Emilee Wyner

If you would like to sponsor a seudah shlishit, please call the syagogue office.

If you have a yahrzeit or a simcha the coming week, and you would like an aliyah, please notify Howard Isaacs.

If you would like to sponsor a kiddush, please notify
Marilyn Kaufman or
Irma Goldman.

If you would like to purchase trees in Israel, please notify Rosalyn Wieselthier.


Note: To send an email to a committee chair, please address it to and put the chairperson's name in the subject box.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Provides guidance and assistance for families preparing for the bar/bat mitzvah of their children.
Catering: Oversees preparation of food for Shabbat kiddushes and other synagogue events.(Marilyn Kaufman)
Chesed: Comforts the sick through home and hospital visits.
Education: Arranges and oversees educational events, including trips, lectures and other cultural activities.
(Adrienne Simons)
High Holiday: Supervises various aspects of preparations for the High Holy Days, including the sale of tickets and the assignment of seating for services. (Alan Aaronson)
Holocaust: Responsible for the annual Yom Hashoa and Kristallnacht programs. (Linda Korobelnik)
House: Oversees the maintenance and general upkeep of the synagogue building. (Mel Kaufman)
Investment: Oversees the synagogue’s portfolio.
(Ed Martin)
Membership: Arranges programs and activities to attract new congregants and works to provide a warm and welcoming environment for new members. (Nina Greebler)
Newsletter: Responsible for publication of synagogue newsletters. (Linda Korobelnik)
Nominating: Recommends to the congregation candidates for the synagogue's officers and trustees.
Office: Oversees the synagogue's administrative functions.
(Irma Goldman)
Pool and Sports: Coordinates recreational activities for both members of the synagogue and the outside community
(Paul Gorel)
Publicity: Publicizes synagogue events to the greater Queens community and acts as liaison to news outlets.
(Sam Weiss)
Religious Affairs: Responsible for overseeing religious services and ceremonies. (David Schwartz)
Religious School: Acts as synagogue liaison to Ohr Chadash and Gesher. (Arlene Ratzabi)
Website: Administers the ICCJ website.
Webmaster–Stan Berkson
Content Editor–Sam Weiss
Young Families: Organizes programs and activities for the families with young children.
Youth Activities: Promotes, organizes, and supervises social activities for the children of ICCJ. (Nora Cohen)